Race Provisions athletes make up 2 of 3 podium finishers for the 2022 AMRA Enduro Championship here in Arizona

Race Provisions Moto Product Champion Max Gerston adds another title to his CV -- 2022 AMRA State Champion

Race Provisions Athlete Max Gerston Wins 2022 AMRA State Championship

Despite the fact that Max has been putting in an amazing push on the 2022 National Endurocross stage, going head to head against world champions like Jonny Walker & Taddy Blazusiak, as well as some of the best from North America like Trystan Hart, Cody Webb, Cooper Abbott and Colton Haaker, he still dominated the final round of the AMRA series in Vicksburg, AZ holding P1 for the entire race and finishing with over a 2 minute lead. Arizona natives made up the rest of the podium with WORCS racer Bryce Smith in second and fellow Pro Endurocross racer Cooper Abbott in third just 5 seconds behind Bryce.

In classic Max fashion when asked how the race went, his first reply, "Oh man, that was so much fun! It felt so good to be out of 2nd gear!" 

Max never fails to impress and his versatility on a dirt bike is unmatched. Despite all his focus being on Endurocross for the last 3 months, he looked better than ever out in the faster style AMRA racing and he brings an amazing passion for motorsport to the pits of any race he is at for the fans and other racers alike. 

Way to go Max! 

Max's Instagram | Train With Max @ Max Off Road Clinics 

Race Provisions Athlete Dylan Delisi Secures P3 Overall This Year In AMRA And Dominates A250 Class With A 450+ Point Lead

Race Provisions Athlete Dylan Delisi Gets P3 AMRA Championship

A250 racer and Race Provisions athlete Dylan Delisi puts in an impressive performance for the 2022 AMRA Championship as well securing 3rd place in overall A and 1st in class. Dylan continues to show amazing speed as a rider and has no problem battling in a field of AA racers. For instance, at round 5 of the AMRA series, the RJ Russo Camp Wood ISDE Qualifier, Dylan finished just 3 seconds behind AA racer Kyler Heimer over two days and 120 miles of technical racing. 

Dylan has a palpable passion for dirt bikes and has a great future in the sport. We are so excited to have him on the RP Team! 

You rock Dylan!

Dylan's Instagram


We are so honored to have these incredible athletes on our team and even more honored to have their expert feedback help guide the future of the Race Provisions product line.

We can't wait to see what 2023 holds for these guys and the rest of the RP team!

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