The sun beats down as you race along the sandy martian landscape. A towering red wall begins to appear ahead in the distance ahead. You stop at the foot of the hulking sandstone. As the dust settles, you kill the engine. Silence. The only way back up out of the canyon is up. You've done it before, it's technical, but you know the line. You weren't so thirsty last time, though.

Heat waves ripple up from the rocks as you think back to drinking the last of your water bottle before descending into the gorge—the sand swirling in the air sticks to your soaking face and jersey. Right about now, you're wishing you bought one of those dirt bike hydration packs…

Hey! Don't be that thirsty Jerry stuck out in the desert! By the time you are dehydrated enough to have lost 1% of your body weight from water loss, you are suffering measurable decreases in cognitive ability. Let yourself hit 2%? Now you can expect:

  • 8.3% Loss of Muscular Endurance
  • 5.5% Loss of Muscular Strength
  • 5.8% Loss of Anaerobic Power
  • Higher RPE (Rate Of Perceived Exertion)

Not what you want when you're wrestling a 200+ lb hunk of metal, plastic and rubber up a mountain or across a scree field. Not to mention the fact that your helmet and pads are making you significantly more susceptible to the effects of dehydration.

Don't find yourself thirsty and in a bad situation; check out our list of the five best dirt bike hydration packs. And don't be such a Jerry, Jerry.

-- Best All-Around Dirt Bike Hydration Pack --

USWE Raw 8 Best Dirt Bike Hydration Pack

• USWE Raw Series packs

The preferred hydration pack of professional hard enduro riders Billy Bolt, Manny Lettenbichler, Mario Roman, and more, the Raw series is one of the most popular dirt bike hydration packs on tour. Using their trademarked "No Dancing Monkey" -NDM - harness system, the Raw hydration packs stay stuck to you like glue—no more bouncing backpacks.

Designed to be worn comfortably with a wide array of body armor, the Raw series packs are adjustable and come in a variety of sizes:

  • 3L
  • 4L
  • 8L

Each option offers a variety of storage options for tools, food, layers, and, of course, water. You can turn the bladders inside out for washing and even are top rack dishwasher safe, which is an excellent feature if you plan on hydrating with a carb/electrolyte drink mix like our SUSTAIN.

USWE Raw Series Dirt Bike Hydration Pack No Dancing Monkey Harness

Race Provisions founder Mark Jackson wears the 8L pack and says, "I'm a heavy sweater, so I ride with 3L of water capacity for enduro races and long rides." As for the NDM harness system you ask? "Works as well as they say! You never feel the pack move which means almost no chafe and no momentum accentuating the weight!"

-- Runner Up Dirt Bike Hydration Pack --  

• Klim Quench + Klim Scramble Hip Pack

A close second on our list of dirt bike hydration packs, the Klim Quench + Scramble Hip Pack is a thirst-quenching dynamic duo.

The Quench and the Scramble are sold separately but are built to work as an integrated system. Loop the hooks on the bottom of the Quench through webbing loops on top of the Scramble, and voila! Double trouble!

Narrowly edged out by the USWE Raw packs in the stability category, the Klim harness system provides comfort for all-day rips or adventure-style riding. Though the Quench only comes in a 70oz bladder size, the Scramble offers space for two extra water bottles.

Also, neatly housing your tool roll and whatever snacks you need on your ride, the Scramble keeps weight lower on your body, which reduces fatigue and helps keep you out there riding longer.

-- Best Waist Belt Dirt Bike Hydration Pack --

• Klim XC Aqua Pack

Klim makes its second appearance on our list of best dirt bike hydration packs with the XC Aqua. Descended from the Scramble, the XC Aqua has a 2L bladder that sits horizontally inside the waist pack. A dedicated tool storage area ensures you're never stranded on a long ride, and significant snack storage guarantees you won't go hungry on the trail.

The advantage to a hip pack is that you reduce rider fatigue by putting all the weight lower on your body. Lowering your center of gravity gives your stabilizer and core muscles less work. And maybe that's all you need to get up one last climb.

This is the pack our Founder, Mark runs for sprint/restart enduro race days.

-- Best Budget Dirt Bike Hydration Pack --

• Fly Racing Hydro Pack

"Can't pay my rent, 'cause all my money's spent, but that's okay 'cause I'm still fly!" Although southern rap supergroup Big Tymers penned these words, it's clear that Fly Racing took note.

Coming in at an incredible $40, the Fly Racing Hydro Pack provides a 70oz bladder and extra pockets for snacks and valuables. No, it doesn't include all the bells and whistles of the other dirt bike hydration packs on our list. And yes, it will move around quite a bit more than the other packs reviewed. However, if you're looking for a way to stay hydrated out on the trail, this pack will do it. And it's no piece of trash; this baby has nearly a five-star review on Rocky Mountain ATV MC!

Whether or not you can pay your rent, you have no excuse to be dehydrated on your next ride. Check out the Fly Racing Hydro Pack and get shredding!

-- Craziest Dirt Bike Hydration Pack Design --

• ZacSpeed Configr8 System

With more versatility and adjustability than Batman's utility belt, ZacSpeed has created a dirt bike hydration pack that would make even the Dark Knight jealous.

The Configr8 system lets you mix and match your backpack, harness style, and accessory pack. Maybe you want a lightweight, low-profile pack with just enough water and snacks for a quick rip. Are you going on a massive backcountry adventure? Maximize your carrying capacity with a 22L backpack and a harness offering six storage pockets. Are you Getting into some rowdy terrain? Throw on their integrated chest protector harness.

ZacSpeed's proprietary quick-release ladder lock system enables you to swap packs and harnesses out interchangeably. This technology also offers users nine points of adjustability in the harness.

Holy hydration, Batman! That's some crazy tech!

-- Rookie Watch --

• Mosko Moto 8L and 12L Wildcat Packs

Known for building the highest quality soft luggage and reckless bag systems, Mosko enters the dirt bike hydration pack market with the Wildcat packs.

The packs come in 8L and 12L sizes and offer an additional chest rig option. Designed to be worn over a jersey, body armor, or jacket, the Wildcat provides a 3L bladder and ample room for tools, snacks, and extra layers.

Although currently only available for pre-order, Mosko insists that they have built the Wildcat packs with the same quality that has made their other adventure products highly regarded. Put in your order, and get out and ride!



Staying hydrated is a lot easier if you start hydrated. Fuel up before your ride with our PREPARE+ to avoid dehydration and increase focus (or just drink it because it tastes delicious). Want to replenish vital electrolytes while you ride? Add some SUSTAIN into your dirt bike hydration pack and achieve peak performance (or, again, just drink it because it tastes good).

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